The Work Of Tony Meeuwissen


Once upon a time when I was… sort of young… the work of this artist was extremely popular. I remember seeing wonderful stamps and even TV guides with his playful bold imagery displayed on the covers. Tony Meeuswissen (pronounced Maywissen) had much earlier in his career designed an album cover for the Rolling Stones, but his work had moved on a lot by the time I came across it.

It was a beautiful set of stamps that (unusually for me) I had to buy that brought his name to my attention:


I am not one for collecting such things, but these were so gorgeous I rushed out to the Post Office as soon as they were released. I later used them as the primary inspiration for a wooden plaque designed for the wedding of a relative:


He has a wonderfully concise yet enchanting way of communicating the story that also contains a lot of warmth and humour.  Now in his 70’s I am not sure how much work he is still producing, but an online search will bring up a host of fascinating images.



There are many wonderful artists out there and occasionally I would like to share the odd one or two that have either been a profound influence on me or simply inspire me at the moment…

So today’s magical offering is the amazing Rima Staines:RStaines 2

Her work can be found at The Hermitage

Amazing, kooky medieval characters peep out from her site inviting you to discover their story and explore more. Brilliant and bizarre, well worth a visit!